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Tajima TMAR-KC Series



The TAJIMA Cylinder Type TMAR-KC Series is born. The embodiment of TAJIMA’s technologies with high production efficiency, ultimate quality, overwhelming durability and performance.


A newly developed digitally-controlled presser foot that can adjust its bottom dead center and stroke for each needle bar(color change) has been employed. Since the presser foot can press fabric with the timing and force according to the fabric, the fabric does not flip-flop, and thread breakage at stitching start decreases dramatically. From thin fabric to thick fabric, such as tulle, cotton, silk, leather and quilting, this presser foot makes it possible to do high-precision embroidery. In addition, since needle wobbling at the time of needle insertion has been reduced by 60%, detailed embroidery can be finished beautifully.

  • The bottom dead center can be adjusted from the operation panel in units of 0.1mm.
  • It can also be adjusted by using the switch on the tension base.

For preserving stable quality, it is important to adjust the thread tension according to thread, fabric and design. The newly designed middle thread guide has halved the thread tension setting time for one needle compared with our conventional middle thread guide. You can set thread tension easily.

Since the tension and stroke of the thread take-up spring, which have been adjusted for each head, can now be adjusted for each needle bar and the adjustment can be made according to thread type and stitching method, the applicable thread variety from thin thread to thick thread has expanded dramatically. When the easily-attachable/detachable thick thread part set(option) is used, thick thread embroidery can be done easily.

  • Thick thread embroidery is applicable with needle sizes #16 and higher only type DB K5-Z3(TAJIMA exclusive needle)
  • Thick thread part set is available as an option
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