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Tajima SAI Compact Embroidery Machine

Model SAI

The new compact embroidery machine from TAJIMA, the top manufacturer of embroidery machines that the world's first-class brands have confidence in. Start your business from the day it arrives!

Tajima machines are the top brand of industrial embroidery machines, which the first-class brands in sports and fashion around the world put their trust in. Tajima's embroidery machines are used for embroidering a huge number of brand logos and designs on shirts, sweatshirts, caps, bags and more.

SAI was born from the voices of our customers. SAI is a compact embroidery machine packed with Tajima's technology and know-how. We developed it for people considering getting an embroidery machine who want to:

  • Make beautiful embroidery just like the professionals!
  • Embroider fast and steadily!
  • Have a compact machine that can be used in a small shop!
  • Have an easy-to-use machine!
  • Get a hard working embroidery machine for a small investment!

Tajima has long excelled in the development of techniques and devices that satisfy professional requirements. However, we have had little experience of developing compact products or products where appearance is important, so everything was new for us. After three years, and after repeated trial and error experiments, SAI has finally been completed. This machine is one that we can present to the world with confidence.

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