Manuals & Brochures

Product Brochures

S100 AMF Reece S100 Keyhole Buttonholer
BAS-300G Brother BAS-300G Electronic Pattern Sewer
BAS-300G-484/484SF Brother BAS-300G-484/484SF Electronic Pattern Sewer
BAS-311G Brother BAS-311G Electronic Pattern Sewer
BAS-326G Brother BAS-326G Electronic Pattern Sewer
BAS-326G-PS Brother BAS-326G-PS Electronic Pattern Sewer
BAS-342 Brother BAS-342 Electronic Pattern Sewer
BAS-342GXL Brother BAS-342GXL Electronic Pattern Sewer
BE-438F Brother BE-438F Lock Stitch Button Sewer
DA-9270 Brother DA-9270 Double Chain Stitcher
DA-9280 Brother DA-9280 Double Chain Stitcher
HE-800B Brother HE-800B Electronic Buttonholer
JC-9330 Brother JC-9330 Blind Stitcher
KE-430FS Brother KE-430FS Electronic Bartack
RH-9820 Brother RH-9820 Electronic Keyhole
S7220C Brother S7220C Direct Drive Needle Feed
S7300A Brother S7300A Automatic Plainsewer
T-8420C Brother T-8420C Twin Needle Lock Stitcher
T-8421C Brother T-8421C Twin Needle Lock Stitcher
T-8422C Brother T-8422C Twin Needle Direct Drive
T-8450C Brother T-8450C Twin/Split Needle Lock Stitch
T-8452C Brother T-8452C Twin/Split Needle Lock Stitcher
T-8720C Brother T-8720C Twin Needle Lock Stitcher
T-8722C Brother T-8722C Twin Needle Lock Stitcher
T-8750C Brother T-8750C Twin/Split Needle Lock Stitcher
T-8752C Brother T-8752C Twin/Split Needle Lock Stitcher
Z-8550A Brother Z-8550A Electronic Zigzag Lock Stitcher
Z-8560A Brother Z-8560A Electronic Zigzag Lock Stitcher
TBC50H Cutex TBC50H Ribbon & Tape Cutter
TBC50LH Cutex TBC50LH Webbing Tape Cutter
AGA-2300DP/DPX Eisenkolb AGA-2300DP/DPX Series Vertical Curtain Cutter
ATS-2400 Eisenkolb ATS-2400 Rod-Pocket Sewing System
MPS-2300 Eisenkolb MPS-2300 Automatic Curtain Pleater
PPS-2300 Eisenkolb PPS-2300 Automatic Curtain Pleater
F 1600 VAR Fimas Roller Iron
580AN Holek 580AN Roller Ironer
Innova Long Arm Quilting Machine
J-2000 Jiffy J-2000 Steamer
J-4000 Jiffy J-4000 Steamer
MSC-1500 Juki Coverstitch machine
DDL8000A Juki DDL8000A Automatic Plainsewer
DDL900B Juki DDL900B Automatic Plainsewer
HZL-F600 Juki HZL-F600 Sewing Machine
Mayabi J-350QVP Juki Juki Mayabi J-350QVP
Mayabi J-350QVP Juki Juki Mayabi J-350QVP
TL-2200QVP Mini Juki Juki TL-2200QVP Mini
MO1000 Juki MO1000 Overlocker
MO2000 Juki MO2000 Overlocker
DFB, BX Kansai Special DFB, BX series
FX Kansai Special FX series
RX Kansai Special RX Series
KC-2 KM KC-2 Manual Type End Cutter
MB-4DFO Merrow ActiveSeam MB-4DFO
MG3U Merrow MG3U Badge Overlocker
DS-9 Newlong DS-9 Series Bag Sewing Unit
Pegasus M900
W1500N Pegasus W1500N Coverseamer
W2600 Pegasus W2600 Series
W600 Pegasus W600 Series Coverseamer
1245 Pfaff 1245 Walking Foot Machine
335 Pfaff 335
2545 Pfaff Powerline 2545 Automatic Walking Foot
CP / CPS Pony Buck Press
Eagle 2.0 Pony Eagle 2.0 automatic shirt finisher
Pony Form Finisher
GE25, 50, 65, 90 and Combis Pony Goliath Boilers
Pony Leg Former
Pony Ozone Cabinet
Pony Steam Tables
DG16 Pulse Tajima DG16 Artist Plus Software
747QE-514M2-24 Siruba 747QE-514M2-24
223 Stirovap 223 Boiler
300 Stirovap 300 Boiler
366 Stirovap 366 Heated Vacuum Table
376 Stirovap 376 Boiler and Iron
603 Stirovap 603 Heated Vacuum Table
Stirovap Curtain Table
MP Stirovap MP Fusing Press
TMAR-KC Tajima TMAR-KC Series
GC 20626-1CX Typical GC 20626-1CX
GC-0323 Typical GC-0323 Walking Foot Machine
GC-0323-D2 Typical GC-0323-D2
GC0617D Typical GC0617D
GC-20606-1-L18 Typical GC-20606-1-L18
GC6716 Typical GC6716 Needle Feed Automatic
GT660-01 Typical GT660-01 Chainstitch Buttonsewer
TW1-2B Typical TW1-2B Bottom Feed Walking Foot
2200A Union Special 2200A Portable Bag Closer
2200GMR Union Special 2200GMR Portable Bag Closer
81200 Union Special 81200
81500BZ3290P Union Special 81500BZ3290P Artificial Lawn Joiner
F300A Yao Han F300A Single Thread Bag Sewer