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Pony Ozone Cabinet


OZOCAB OZOCAB has been proven to remove even the most persistent odours ( sweat, urine, vomit, smoke, pet and cooking smells, moulds, naphthalene or paints).

OZOCAB uses no chemicals but "clean technology". After its use, the system converts the Ozone back to oxygen leaving no harmful residuals.

Productivity is guaranteed by the powerful generator and chiller of ozone, while a SECURITY DEVICE allows the conclusion of the cycle ONLY if the residual PPM are lower than the pre-defined law regulations. It is easy to use with a few simple controls through a touch screen PLC. It can be installed anywhere and it is totally portable, no external ducting is required but a simple plug for power which means low running costs.

TECHNICAL DATA: Required power: Volt. 230/1/50 Hz Absorbed power: 450W Encumbrance: 1100x730x2110 mm Net weight: 230 kg

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