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Martin Group X 600-1000-1400-1600 K-EL

Model X-KL

33X 600-1000-1400-1600 K-EL Effective worktop mm. 600-1000-1400-1600 Upper and lower heating system with 2 indipendent electronic thermostats (entry zone, preheating + exit zone) Heating top with 9 resistive elements which allow the use of lower temperatures or of a shorter manufacturing time System of resistance choking for a thorough uniformity of the working temperature Pressure from 0 to 5 kg./sqcm Temperature from 0 to 210° C Working time adjustment from 5 to 35sec Speed from 1 to 10 m per min. Return version: with return belt

Complete with:

FULLY AUTOMATICS STACKER WITH ONE OR TWO NLOADING RACES Races electronically matchable by means of simple pressing of a button, without using mechanical devices Width of the races chosen by the Customer Optical recognition system for the horizontal and vertical passing of the fabric Gradual lowering of the trucks as the piled parts increase Acustic warning of package end DESTATIC SYSTEM for the neutralization of the electrostatic charges of the fabrics

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