Gold Seal 180KE 12" Shear

Gold Seal 180KE 12" Shear

Heavy Duty Bent Trimmers These rugged 10" and 12" shears are overbuilt for years of heavy service. They are used by tailors, carpet installers, upholsterers, shoemakers etc... Available with either Knife Edge "KE" grind or standard "S" scissor grind. The Knife Edge grind is an approximately forty-five degree angle and is honed to a very sharp edge. To order standard grind, substitute "S" for "KE" in the model number. Available with safety rounded points at slightly higher price. All have an adjustable pivot with locking nut to hold adjustment and are double plated chrome over nickel which produces no glare and a corrosion resistant finish.

Made in USA.

Model Size, Length of Cut,

180KE 12" (305mm), 6" (152mm),


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